Hands in the Soil

Learning Sustainable Practices, Together

Climate Classes is a community-led organization that empowers individuals to address climate change by learning and sharing sustainable life skills together 🌎

Explore our series of workshops and classes on everyday sustainability practices. We offer recorded workshops in a variety of categories, including sustainable cooking, gardening, waste management, sustainable fashion, and more! 

Sustainability is not about perfection, it is a practice. In our blog, we discuss how everyday sustainability practices can reduce your carbon footprint and help you live a healthier and greener life.

In addition to offering recorded sustainability workshops and educational resources, Climate Classes hosts real-time virtual and in-person (socially distanced) events. These events include sustainable webinars, panels, town halls, and organized volunteering.

Interested in getting more involved? As a member of Climate Classes, you can assist with our research and development, lead sustainability efforts, and discuss strategies to organize communities around sustainability!

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